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Brightview PreView


With Brightview, there will be no surprises, no gray areas, and no compromise on quality. The Brightview PREVIEW is, and will always be, the first step at identifying the scope of work. The PREVIEW is a document that encompasses the details of the project from inception to completion and everything in between. The key to success is the careful and detailed planning of each project.  

The PREVIEW begins with an initial consultation between Brightview Construction and the client. This consultation will identify the type of project, the total square footage, and the type of application . This is followed by an aerial view sketch of the project. For those who require visual aids, Brightview Construction offers a complimentary service that includes a multi-view, 3-D rendering of the project.


Brightview Preview .  Preliminary drawings

Brightview Topview .  3D Rendering of the project in the dimensions of your patio. Gives you a sense of scale and layout.


Brightview Side view. Here we can see how the project will look with your home.


Brightview Isometric View


BrightView 3/4 Birds eye View. 


Brightview wide view. 
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Upload a photo of the area you would like to improve. This will give us an idea of the project so we are better prepared when ,or if we meet with you